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Why Superior Workplace Ergonomics Matters?

By July 19, 2022September 15th, 2023No Comments

Chiropractic professionals are often surprised to see how different professions put different stress on the neck and spine. Those who work on a computer all day have the most stress without a doubt. In order to maintain proper posture for such a long period of time, the body is not designed to sit for that long. Therefore, people tend to slouch, putting immense strain on their backs, especially their upper back and lower neck. In addition to causing pain, discomfort, and headaches, slouching can also result in a variety of health problems. Employers should strive to provide workplace ergonomics since they have many benefits.

Employees are happier when their workplace ergonomics are superior

It is important to maintain an ergonomic workplace in order to have healthy, happy employees who do not suffer from spinal pain. It is clear that promoting correct posture in the workplace has multiple benefits, since healthy and happy workers tend to be more productive. As a result,
people miss work less and function more efficiently. Therefore, mistakes will be reduced, efficiency will increase, etc. Employee engagement and turnover are reduced in ergonomically correct workplaces. This type of workplace may cost more initially, but it quickly pays for itself through the following benefits:

  • Musculoskeletal Disorders were reduced by 60% on average
  • Incidence rate was reduced by 64% on average
  • Lost workdays reduced by 74%
  • An overall reduction of 54% in restricted days
  • The cost of worker’s compensation was reduced by 63%
  • Reduction of 41% in claim costs
  • Labor costs decreased by 45%

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Correct posture is one of the most important things chiropractors focus on. Get ergonomic advice and recommendations from your local Louisville, KY chiropractor. While an ergonomic workplace may be costly and take time to establish, it is clear that it is a good idea. Your employees will be healthier, more productive, and happier when you implement workplace ergonomics. You can’t go wrong with this!