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Louisville residents, are you experiencing lower back pain? Sitting for long periods of time can cause lower back pain. The majority of workers are seated at a desk throughout the day and are unable to move around. Our Louisville chiropractor, Dr. McNeil, has often advised those who sit for long periods of time to get up and move around.

This issue has recently been recognized by the American Medical Association, which has implemented ways for employees to address it. Employers should provide alternative arrangements for employees to avoid lower back pain caused by sitting, as they have recently urged.

A Nation of Obese Sitters

Long periods of sitting have unfortunately led to many people becoming obese and suffering from health problems. Most people spend too much time sitting during their daily activities. Whether you are eating, watching television, working, playing a video game, driving, or browsing the internet you’re probably sitting.

Research at Duke University concluded that employees with a BMI of over 40 filed twice as many workers compensation claims. This research also concluded that their medical bills were 7 percent higher than those with a lower BMI, and that they were likely to miss work 13 times more than the average worker who did not suffer from obesity.

Tools To Help Louisville Citizens Fight The Sitting Epidemic

Set an alarm on your smartwatch or phone that repeats every 45 minutes. This is your reminder to get up and move. This can be a lap around the office, a much-needed bathroom break, or if you work from home, step outside and get some fresh air.

Standing desk or standing desktop converter. These options allow you to take breaks from sitting for extended periods and continue working. These devices allow for a diversified ergonomic workstation.

A treadmill desk to help lower back pain. The treadmill desk is part of the employees’ workstation as they will be able to continue to work while exercising on the treadmill.

Take walks after meals and park further away from your office door to reduce your chances of lower back pain.

Visit your local chiropractor!!!

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